Comparison of search engines for websites, wikis, CMS, DMS and ECM. Approach and product features

Criterion (Example)SEMPRIA-SearchTraditional
search engines
Expansion with synonyms (policeman - cop) 
Expansion with term hierarchies (Neodymium is a rare earth) partially
Expansion with alternative formulations (export - import) 
Use of geographical knowledge (Amberg is located in Bavaria) 
Handling of ambiguity (jaguar: car or animal) 
Comparison of meanings (no comparison of character strings) 
Co-references in texts (Mrs. Miller - the actress - she) 
Multilingual internal search engine (armchair - Sessel; long-distance traffic - Fernverkehr) ✔ English, Germanpartially
Question function (Who exports uranium?)
Sentiment analysis (How is the new BMW?)
Technical language: domain adaptation, customer vocabularypartially
Robustness against misspellings and spelling variantspartially
Various orthographies (18th century till 21st century)
Search hit processing and response generationpartially
Explanation of search hits (How did the computer infer the search hit?)
Freely selectable format of search engine results
Indexing of audio documents and video documents
Automatic keywording and subject catalogs
Metadata integration (over 30 predefined attributes)
Search facets (date, author, location, keywords, custom facets)partially
Autocomplete and search suggestions
Search for multiple web domains ( and
Content-based duplicate detectionpartially
No advertisementspartially
White label solutionpartially
SaaS solution is availablepartially
Server solution is available; on-premises searchpartially
GDPR-compliant solution in German data centerspartially

In each Example movie, a search query is at the top. An intelligently matchable text snippet from a document is at the bottom.

If you have questions about a criterion, about the classifications, or a criterion that is not mentioned, email us ( or simply give us a call (+49 211 566693-57).

SEMPRIA-Search is built in the Rhineland with care and know-how.