Cognitive Enterprise Search

Search with just one language-understanding internal search engine company-wide or organization-wide all sources, i.e.:

  • Microsoft SharePoint, also several SharePoints
  • Intranet
  • File systems
  • Mails
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Document management systems (DMS)
  • Wikis
  • Websites (own and foreign)

What is an internal search engine?

An internal search engine allows you to search all internal documents of an organization and has completely different requirements than web search.

What does an internal semantic search engine look like?

All document sources can be searched intelligently using the cognitive search engine, all with significantly higher precision (accuracy) and recall (completeness) than by traditional search engines such as keyword searches. How does it work? Through automatic language understanding for your documents and ongoing search queries. Whether in German or English. The multilingual AI search engine SEMPRIA-Search brings together the diverse but content-related formulations from search queries and documents. In addition to the language knowledge and world knowledge already available in the AI search engine, we can also integrate specialized knowledge from your domain on request. You or we can provide this specialized knowledge.

The multilingual semantic enterprise search SEMPRIA-Search runs confidentially: in-house on a dedicated server or in a German data center. Our program code comes entirely from Germany, is already worth more than 75 person years in 2023 and is free of services or program code from third parties. Your access rights systems (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.) are precisely implemented in the search.

Let the document tiger off the leash for a variety of uses:

  • save a lot of research time
  • avoid unnecessary duplication of work
  • gain a quick view of the organization-wide knowledge of current pressing issues
  • prepare perfectly for the next meeting or conversation.

Just tell us three parameters (volume of documents, update volume per month, search queries per month) and we will make you a concrete offer that you will read more than once.

What next?