SEMPRIA stands for SEMantic PRocessing for Information Access

And we mean it. Bedeutung von SEMPRIA.Every improvement and extension has been done with a single goal in mind: better and more efficent information access. Regardless whether the underlying data is a website, an intranet, a wiki or an online shop, we want to make every last bit of information retrievable for whoever is seeking it. A new perspective on all kinds of data is made possible through our advanced semantic technology that allows direct answers to user questions and a well rounded and comfortable experience for users of SEMPRIA products.

SEMPRIA provides a cognitive search engine that achieves better results through automatic processing of natural languages and technical terminologies.

Beispiel semantischer Suche.

SEMPRIA-Search, a deep semantic search engine: Searching with higher precision and recall and by using specific questions.

Problem. Content providers (publishers, news, web pages) are having trouble mapping out all of their data completely and efficiently.
Solution. The deep semantic search enginge SEMPRIA-Search helps through better precision and recall and the possibility of asking specific questions.
Technology. This is achieved using our very own technology for automatic language and knowledge processing.

Innovationspreis-IT - Nominierter 2013 (2. Platz) - Wissensmanagement.Innovationspreis-IT - Best of 2018 - Wissensmanagement.Traditional word-based search has a fundamental weakness in that the wording of the desired information needs to be guessed by the searcher. Since the traditional search engine cannot understand the words which it is searching for, information with similar meaning but different wording can be overlooked. This problem does not exist for deep semantic search. SEMPRIA-Search does not compare words. It compares meanings. The exact wording is nearly irrelevant. This approach also makes searching with questions possible. SEMPRIA-Search is the ideal search engine for portals and shops of any kind. More about our product SEMPRIA-Search

Innovationspreis-IT - Best of 2012 - Wissensmanagement.The search engine SEMPRIA-Search is based on our very own language technology for automatic knowledge processing, which is the result of many years of academic research. We believe that the further optimization of obsolete search algorithms will eventually prove futile. Only the automated processing of meaning can yield real progress. In that sense, we view SEMPRIA-Search as a convincing example for search engines of a new generation. Firmenporträt

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  • Whitepaper: Introduction to SEMPRIA Search - The Meaning-oriented Search Engine (HTML, PDF), 2016-01-04