Lost in the documents or sovereign in all data?

How painful it is ...

... when you spend hours desperately looking for a document that has disappeared in the depths of CMS, Wiki, intranet or file systems. But you just can't figure out how the part you're looking for was formulated there.

How helpful and time-saving it is ...

... when the language-understanding cognitive search engine saves you in such cases (and in many other cases - our customers could tell stories). The search engine intelligently links the phrase in the document with many synonymous phrases or similar phrases. You can also ask directly.

Example of a semantic search.Example of a cognitive search.

Performance metrics

  • 78000 semantically comprehensive entries in the lexicon of the search engine
  • 560000 proper names in 50 classes
  • 1613000 analyses of compounds (compound words)
  • 725000 rules in the background knowledge for the AI components
  • 370000 lines of code in programming languages for AI; Scheme or LISP

Get your cognitive search engine as a free trial system.

A unique from our manufacture of search engines.

Still uncertain? No problem. Give us a call (+49 211 566693-57) and clarify questions such as. What does the search engine do if I type THIS and THAT is in the document? Or email us.