Services for meaning-oriented search and semantic technologies

Individual adjustment of intelligent search solutions

We will gladly adapt your SEMPRIA-Search installation to the technical conditions of your website or archive. Examples of possible customizations are: the inclusion of an existing categorization (ontology, terminology), the import of customer-specific document formats, the intelligent connection with geographical and other knowledge about your region or domain, integration into your overall concept for document management. Talk to us about your requirements. We will find a solution with you!

Use of language understanding algorithms for your data

With our language technology, we can solve many problems, such as text comparison, text matching, duplicate detection, data cleaning. For example, you can save a lot of money in purchasing if you can automatically compare the catalogs and price lists of several retailers or wholesalers (catalog comparison, supplier comparison). This matching of items allows you to buy cheaper in every industry.

Trainings and seminars on language-understanding search engines

SEMPRIA-Search enables queries to be formulated in normal German or English (in contrast to entering them in the form of keywords, which is of course also supported). In order for your website visitors to benefit optimally from this new search option, the people responsible for your website should also be familiar with the possibilities of SEMPRIA-Search and be able to give tips on how to use the system. We offer targeted training courses that provide everything you need to know about the operation and use of SEMPRIA-Search. They also offer an insight into the current background of development and research. We explain to power users in an understandable way how they can save valuable and expensive research time thanks to the meaning-oriented search engine.

Personal customer service for our meaning-oriented site search engine and other semantic products

We support all customers in the installation of SEMPRIA-Search and related products (e.g. semantic annotation tools, deep semantic determination of keywords or headwords and search suggestions). We would gladly remain your partner even after the system has been successfully set up. As part of affordable service contracts, we are always available to support you in the ongoing operation of the search engine. In addition to our competent advice, you will receive regular upgrades from SEMPRIA-Search. When installing as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, Search-as-a-Service), upgrades do not require any effort on your part. This means that you automatically benefit from the constant expansion of the search engine, language technology and background knowledge.